Saturday, August 2, 2008

The hazards of drawing while sick...

I started work on a doodle that I was liking at I can't stand it. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like this style. So, it will forever remain unfinished - no hands on the clock, figures not complete, etc.

I've also been sick to my stomach this past week (literally). You know how when you eat something when you're sick, and then it sort of ruins that food for you? You associate that flavor with nausea for a long time after. I was wondering if the same thing can happen visually. Whenever I go back to this drawing, I notice my stomach feeling bad. Maybe that's part of my dislike for this picture.

Anyway, I need to pursue styles of working that aren't sooooooo tedious. This style of work is actually similar as several of my favorite drawings - the owl, the clown-like figures, the tiger I use for my avatar - but, I tend not to like things that are flat. Doing the figures in line obviously makes them very flat. At first I thought it would be interesting to combine line with shaded areas. But, I'm really not liking it here.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Hope no one else gets sick looking at this (ha ha).


Kate said...

Oooo...actually, I like this a lot. Put it away for a while and look at it later. I think you will like it!

Nicole-Umina said...


I just happened by your blog and saw this entry. I just had to comment because I think this illo has huge potential. I understand the sick association it has happened to me from time to time but don't throw it out. Put it away for awhile and come back to it. It really is a great picture. There is a whimsical style starting to show through. :o)