Saturday, April 23, 2011

It’s Springtime!

That means it’s time for the annual realization among homeschoolers that the school year is running out followed by a refocused effort to reach goals, complete work, and get curriculum in line for fall. That also means that drawing projects are pretty much impossible for me right now.

However…I’ve found a few opportunities to work in the sketch journal, It’s forced me to seek and find something to record from the “everyday” without all of the extra planning and thought that goes along with an official project.

My 2nd effort during a trip to Barnes & Noble with commentary by the big-eyed redhead
(who noted that I was still doing a lot of writing and little drawing)
I prefer to work in pencil “on location” and then return to it later to ink and/or wash with color. I wouldn’t call my pages works of art in themselves, but I have thought about what a neat thing it will be to pass through the family. Perhaps it will end up in the hands of a great-great-grandchild who has never met me but will have this illustrated personal record of people, places, and things in my life. I like that idea.

At the park with Lindy.  Not colorized yet - maybe I'll get a chance once summer gets here.
 It’s also just nice to be able to keep up the drawing.

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