Friday, March 23, 2012

The Harvest Mural Begins

Lots of wonderful things have been happening lately on my travels toward an illustration/art career: my art classes have been going well, I now have some prints available for sale on Etsy and soon-to-be at Town Center Gallery, and I was selected to do an 8' x 20' mural by the Town Center Gallery.  It will eventually go somewhere in Santa Maria, but the location is still be determined.  My plan is to keep everyone updated on the progress...

Celebrate the Harvest - Santa Maria Valley (proposed mural)
Bathing Beauty is one of my prints now

The five 4'x8' MDO panels were delivered a week ago (they look a lot bigger in my garage than I imagined).  I spent the past few days using a latex wood filler to fill gaps in the layered edges, and then today, 4 delightful helpers from Town Center Gallery came by to help me with the primer.  Thanks to Hattie StoddardBeverly Johnson, and Tom and Rella Heslop - it would have taken me a long time to get it done.  Also, thanks to Home Depot here in Santa Maria for donating the primer and rollers!

Daughter Ariel organizes paints for me

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