Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's a bit crazy how we can jam-pack the fall season with so much busy-ness!  This is the first weekend where I've been able to relax (a little), although there's still a ton on my plate - soccer season is in full swing with end-of-season parties & all-star tryouts on the horizon, the Horizons Family CoOp that I coordinate meets this Tuesday along with one of my art classes, and so on...

Students busy in the California History class!
I've slooowwwlly been painting layers of exterior varnish sealer on all sides of the mural.  I did the backs and now I've been laying them out, one at a time, on sawhorses in order to do the fronts and all 4 edges (that way I don't have to keep turning them - they're a bear to move).  I'm doing 3 thin coats on each and I'm close to being done with all 5 panels.

Panel laid out on sawhorses in order to seal all edges.
Part of the reason that this is taking a lot longer than I thought is because of the fall craziness mentioned above.  But, another reason is that the city is changing its plans on where it will ultimately go.  Looks like the Gottchalk's corner is out, but I have not yet heard what plan B (or C or D...) is.  I know my contact has been busy with the recent Grapes and Grains event, as well as other fall festivities, and I've been grateful to have the time to get my homeschooling and art classes off to a solid start.

Studio "corner" - the garage is too cold in winter and there are too many
spiders!  I have plans for some bulletin boards and wall-hanging holders for
pencils and stuff...I'll get there eventually.

I know that the mural project is at an end as my mind has been buzzing with thoughts of other art and writing projects.  It's time to transition backin to new creative work - not sure what exactly, though.  I still don't have a lot of free time, but I did clean off the old drawing table corner of my room in preparation.  Now, joining my drawing space is a caricature portrait that I recently acquired of my Granddad who passed away about 20 years ago - I think it was given to him as a retirement gift (or something like that).  It's a nice addition to my workspace.

Granddad watching over my work :)

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