Friday, December 7, 2012

Au Revoir...Adios...Adieu...

The mural is now en route to a sign shop where it will be framed and then it will probably wait in storage until the corner of Cook and Broadway is ready for its placement.

Jill in action - with complicated back-lighting, no less...
This morning, my friend and photographer Jill Martin of Jill Martin Photography came over to get a shot of the panels all lined up together.  Overall, I'm happy with it, but seeing it all together in the light of day after not really paying attention to it for weeks, there are a couple things that stood out and I wish I had done them differently.  But, I'll keep them to myself as no one else will probably care but me.  A couple of the panels have a little warp - I'm sure the sign company will be able to handle that in the framing process.

Saying Goodbye 
Anyway, I did do some last minute touch ups in a few spots - I was never able to put together more than 2 panels at a time inside the garage, so there were a couple of details that didn't line up.

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