Friday, September 26, 2008

Lamenting My Lack of Illo Time on a Very Special Day

My son and I were going back through the pages of my sketchbook as I am just a few pages from filling it. I really enjoyed my time drawing and painting in this past year, and it's been pretty difficult to find the time lately (or the motivation when I do have the time). But, such is life right now...

I did recently do some sketches of various characters. I've only pictured one of them here (guess I forgot to photograph the other - baby brain). While it's Li'l Red Riding Hood-ish, that's not what was motivating me. I can really get in a rut, drawing things in the same way all the time, so I just wanted to play around and try to do something with a little different "feel." I don't know if I was successful - I don't think I can divorce myself completely.
The figure is always a challenge. I'll do something that I sort of like, and then I'll see other people's work that is different (and impressive), and it makes me want to try a different angle. I guess that goes back to my desire not to pigeon-hole myself by limiting my style. In the long run, I don't know if that's a good thing (I'd like to think it is). But, I think I'd go nuts if I was simply drawing illo after illo in the same style. Exploring and inventing are half the fun!
Anyway, today was a very special day because my youngest turned 6 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLEY!

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Kate said...

Cute character...the cap reminds me of an acorn...maybe I have "autumn brain"! : )