Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project for an Upcoming Kids Art Event

Here's a little side project that I've been doing for our homeschool group's Fine Arts Festival (art show and talent show) that's coming up soon. This is the design for the program cover. It's a doodle from waaaaayyyyy back - about a year ago - that I thought would be appropriate for the event. Different parents have always done the cover, but I think starting next year, we're going to hold a design contest for the kids. Winning design gets to be the cover.
I'm pretty happy with it except for the 8 in 2008 - but, it's done in ink. Maybe I can make an adjustment with white paint. White-out certainly makes things worse (tried that before - yikes!). I suppose that's the downside of not working on the computer. Oh well, maybe I just won't worry about it. I'm certain the audience won't care, but it's that bit of perfectionism that comes through when I'm working on a project.
This design will run on white paper and be inset on red or black cardstock (the colors of the event are red and black). If it's on black card, it will have red ribbon; if it's on red card, it will have red ribbon (on the spine).

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Anonymous said...

very cool! I like it alot!