Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye to Christmas - Hello New Year!

The cookies have been baked (and consumed), the presents have been opened (and assembled), and the stockings are now empty (no matter how hopeful the little guy up top may be). And now, I have a day or two that I can do a little bit in the sketchbook before I have to think about school again.

I had the forethought to take my drawing stuff to the doctor's office yesterday as the waiting room was packed and I was able to start the above drawing. I didn't know what it was going to be - it started as a doodle. But, it turned out to be very appropriate for the time of year and my feelings about the season at the moment (funny how those things can come through when you're not actually conscious of it). Christmas was sort of a blur - here and gone - and I feel like I hardly had time to enjoy it. However, I'm ready to put it all away and try again next year. In the meantime, 2009 ought to be interesting - full of changes!

This drawing is a little different for me in that I never do such minimal eyes - little more than dots. I usually draw more detail in the face in general. I'm happy that I came up with the appropriate age - often, my young children look older than I intend them to. I think I achieved the right amount of squat pugginess for a toddler.

This blog needed a little punch of color, too!

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Kate said...

Sweet..I love the little slippers. : ) Happy New Year to you. I see your new addition will be arriving soon!