Thursday, December 11, 2008

Considering becoming a hermit so I can draw and paint again!

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas - I've only done a smidge of Christmas shopping, no Christmas cards mailed out, no cookies made, barely have any decorations up, no tree yet, and soccer tournaments every weekend (whose idea was that??).

On the upside, schooling obligations are ending for the year and a break is coming. The co-op class I was teaching ended this last week and I'm cutting back to just core subjects with my kids. Of course, I still have some grading and some loose ends to tie up before I can put it all aside. I just feel like Christmas is going to fly right by and will not have had time to enjoy any of it. Argh!

I'm really feeling the desire to go someplace where no one can find me and just retreat into "drawing and painting land" - it's always an escape and it's long overdue.
All I have to share is a random page from an older sketchbook (sigh).

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