Monday, July 20, 2009

Expanding the Studio and Some Creative Summer Fun

What can I say - I love a good bargain! I have a pretty traditional drawing table I've been using and it has a fair amount of table-top square footage. However, the whole thing shakes when I'm erasing something. So, last week while at a thrift store, I just couldn't pass up a sturdy metal drawing table for $14.

The drawing surface is smaller than I've had, but that's fine because I work small when drawing anyway (and I still have my other drawing table to spread out on). It's metal and HEAVY, so the thing doesn't budge while working. It has several drawers down the front and a cool locker in the back that could fit 2' x 3' canvases (or whatever). It must have been used in some sort of school setting since it had an "I love Michael" message written in pencil on the table-top and a couple wads of gum stuck underneath - all of which have been removed now. If only the garage wasn't so stifling hot to work in right now.

I also thought I'd share these little sculpted dolls and dogs that my 10 year old has been mass producing. I picked up a box of Crayola Model Magic - an air dry clay - as a little something to do during summer. Turns out my 10 yr old has a knack for sculpture. I was quite impressed with her efforts and had to share them. This is only a fraction of the little figures that she's created. Look out 101 Dalmations...I've lost count.

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Tom Barrett said...

great find on the desk! I have been looking on Craigslist for a while to find the "perfect" desk in an effort to make my office more of a studio, but nothing has really grabbed me. I think if I don't personally build exactly what I want in the first place, I won't be happy, But then I think, if I wait until I can build what I want, I may never get it ! :P

Neat little sculptures there, too! We have some of that. Need to pull it out and see what the kiddies come up with.