Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finds at the Bookstore...and some much-needed color on this blog!

As we get closer to the date of store closure, I've found a couple little gems among the picture books on the shelf. I remember seeing a couple of them when they arrived, but they're a little smaller in size and, I think, got a little lost among the bigger books.

Anyway, I picked up "Binky the Space Cat" by Ashley Spires. I just loved this little cat and it's plushy pal. I'm not normally a fan of the graphic novel, but I really like the characters and the way this one's done! I tend to enjoy the limited color palette and the - very artfully done!

Another find is "Red Ted and the Lost Things" written by Michael Rosen and Illustrated by Joel Stewart. Again, it's a creative approach to the graphic novel/picture book. I like the bright, well-defined characters set against the muted background.

The third book I brought home last night was "Sky Tree" illustrated by landscape painter Thomas Locker. It's simply shows a tree as a changes throughout the year with 14 BEAUTIFUL paintings and limited text.
I hope to be able to add MY OWN color to this blog soon, but I still have to dig some of my supplies out of boxes from the move. Maybe now that the holidays are over, things will settle down a little. Of course, we start back to school on Monday...oh well.


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