Sunday, February 14, 2010

Babies and Dogs

One thing that's sweet about having a very young child and a dog is that the picture book ideas just reveal themselves as you watch them interact. I've got a couple that I think might be worth pursuing. So, today I was motivated to start doing more sketches of Lindy while she's still small. I want to catalog a lot of different poses for when I have time to work on a book.

She happened to be napping on the floor this afternoon (hey - if she's sleeping well where she's at...). I liked the angle I could see from my spot on the couch - a little foreshortening. Unfortunately, I didn't work small enough to fit in the foot that was hanging out of the blanket. But, I was happy with how it came together since I was working really quickly - you never know how long she's going to stay still (even when she's sleeping). The other sketches were done really quickly since she was awake - hard to get the right proportions!

I'll be sketching the dog, too.


Rachel said...

"oh how sweet"...i actually said that out loud as i looked at your sketches. i never knew about this talent of yours! beautiful!

Diane Smith said...

Thanks Rachel - guess we didn't get a chance to know such things about each other before your move. I'm sure it's nice to be home with your family around you.

Enjoying the pictures of Sarah on fb!