Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Illustration Job!

Well, son asked me to do some illustrations for a short story he did for his English class.

My first thought was "No - it's your project." But, I talked to the teacher who said students were allowed to have outside help on the illustrations. And, my son has always been the type who would rather have dental work done than do anything arts/crafts.

So, I thought it would be a good learning moment for me - translating text into 5 illos. Now, I have less than a week to do it (and I still have to be a mom and homeschool teacher), so they won't be the quality I'd send into a publisher. But, it's still good practice nonetheless.

The story is about the Revolutionary War. So, these are some sketches I've done, just practicing figures and costumes. Luckily, I have LOTS of books about this period in history among all my homeschool resources. A couple of figures are pretty close copies to some in a Revolutionary War coloring book (disclaimer in case you recognize them). Of course, I won't be using those figures - the rather stiff-looking General (above) I copied for warm-up and for the uniform. The woman (below) I used for the pose (her face and hair are different, and she was holding a long canon ramrod in the original - not waving). Hmmm, now that I see her on the screen, her head looks too small for her body - YIKES!

Anyway, this is a rather serious story so I'm trying not to make the figures too "kiddy cartoony" - that's my goal anyway.

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