Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8 Weeks of Art Classes for Kids End...A New Door Is Open...

The two art classes that I have been teaching to homeschoolers over the past couple months ended today.  However, I'm newly inspired - I'm excited about all of the fun things I can share in doing more art classes and the potential it has as a way to help out the family.

Once the bookstore closed, I really had a hard time imagining what other job I could take in this area where I could work evenings (to avoid child care costs).  Food service?  Some retail store?  None of this sounded appealing at all to say the least!  Then, the idea for art classes (something I've done before and something that will allow me to utilize my strengths and interests) came up.  It would allow me to be home in the evenings with my family, too!

I've been looking into the possibility of having prints and cards made that I could sell on Etsy as well.  Right now, every little bit counts and it's worth a try.  The idea of possibly being able to bring in some income at this time doing something worthwhile that I actually enjoy is exciting.  We'll see how it all goes...

In the meantime, I decided to call my business "Doodlebird Studio" and I redrew one of my favorite drawings with a little more of a gesture to serve as the current "mascot."  I'll be updating my calendar of classes and posting the availability of prints (when that happens) at the following site:


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the enigma said...

the bird is beautiful! love it!!