Thursday, December 23, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Mail"

I'm not sure why mail service to Grandma's house is sooooooooo slow!
   I finally have some time off of homeschool, home business, and Christmas to put together a more involved illo!  I'm getting it in just under the wire - I thought I had plenty of time, but me and my compulsion for detail strikes again.  There are a few things I'd try differently, and just might for the portfolio.  I'd love to try and do something a little more simplified, but I wonder if I even can!

Spectator Ant
 But, it turns out that this is along the same vein as my "Spectator Ant" that I've done before.  From that one, I came away thinking that the grass was out of scale for the ant.  So, I made certain to make the grass taller than the snail here. 

I finally got a gouache set - which I've never had and wanted to try - LOVE it!  I think that might be my new favorite paint medium and can't wait to do more.


Janet illustrator said...

What a wonderful thing Illustration Friday is, I've said it before and Ill say it again, it allowed me to find your wonderful blog and see your beautiful art. I love this illustration, it captures so much and i will enjoy viewing your other art once i finish this comment.
I personally think detail becomes you :-) I wouldn't change a thing, its spectacular!

Diane Smith said...

Wow! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words! I, too, enjoy browsing IF illustrations and seeing how different people interpret the theme! Good luck with your work.