Monday, April 23, 2012

99 Clusters of Grapes on the Wall..

99 clusters of grapes,
You take one down, pass it around...

Guess I'll be painting more grapes on the wall!
(oh the things you think of when doing repetitious work)

The red and purple grapes are more developed at the moment, but the green grape clusters and the grape leaves have to be addressed still.

I've actually been taking some time to work out more detail at the moment and, honestly, my jury is still out on Dionysus - I go back and forth between liking him and not liking him.  I actually had something a bit different envisioned originally - something more sculpture-like and not "fleshy."  But this is what came forward in the study and I liked it. I'll have to get more of the panel done and see it as a whole - guess that's why I've been compelled to do a bit more detail beyond just the underpainting.  Plus, there's just a lot of little things in this panel and I want to make a good dent in it.

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