Friday, July 6, 2012

Winding Down...

Time to check in!  Took a couple days off for the holiday (Happy Belated 4th of July), but I've just been touching up here and there - things I really can't photograph (like strawberry leaves and the black/white tiles that needed a 3rd coat).

But, I did continue work on the vines across the bottom, coming out of the ground, and up the wave - probably not much more I'd do there, except for a highlight here or there.

I did choose to switch out the splashes to Pthalo Blue (a much better fit than the ultramarine - too purple - and cerulean - not "deep" enough).  This is still bright, but much more harmonious.  Also, the only other place I used pthalo was in the cauliflower and broccoli, so this brings that hue in across the panels.

Mommy's little "photobomber"
Tomorrow, I'll work on the wine glasses and wine bottle.  Then, I'll put in the "thanks" to contributors and the mural title.  After that, I'll have my husband help me move some panels around so I can get some together and check how things line up.  Some adjustments there and then it's a topcoat exterior sealer - Voila!

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