Monday, March 25, 2013

Fine Art Monday

Well, an unexpected day off takes me one step closer to the painting projects that I've been really excited to begin.  We will taking next week off of school for Easter Vacation and I'd planned to take this Friday off as well.  However, the girls insisted that they would rather take today (Monday) off instead of Friday.  Who am I to argue? But, I think they'll regret it come Friday.

The garage door is a perfect spot to hold the studies - canvas is ready for paint...

So, I gathered all of my drawings and studies for the "Listening" painting and started sketching it on the 30" x 40" canvas.  I can't wait to get going on it - I LOVE the colors, the subject, the pose, and the many studies I did will hopefully result in smooth-sailing when it comes to painting the final.  Since I cleared out the last of the dried-out color remnants from the mural, the next step will be to start mixing some color combinations for the new project - that's what I'll try to work on between now and vacation.

Mural mixes in the trash...time for something new
Another thing that I've been working on is a re-do of my hiking bear.  The paintings that I've been working on are much different than the illustrations that I've been playing with for the past several years.  So, this is a nice little change of focus.  It's still in progress, but not far from done.

Redo in progress...
Hiking Bear original...

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