Sunday, November 2, 2008

Illustration Friday: "Vacant"

This was one of those instances where I had an idea jump into my head as soon as I read the prompt.

Well, I didn't exactly envision the above drawing. But, I did immediately think of the bronze figure sculptures of antiquity - I've always noted their more stylized features (like swirly hair) and the empty, "vacant" eyes that so many of them have. So, starting with that, the drawing just sort of evolved from there.

I was thinking that I might have a close-up of the head with a figure peering into the eye. But, as I began working on it, the figure ended up being placed at a distance.

One struggle I had was that some of the poses I envisioned were a little tough for me to pull off. Usually, I'll recruit one of the kids to pose for me when I get stuck. But since they were already in bed, I had to change some plans. Anyway, I realized that I need to do some practice sketches involving more dynamic gestures.


INDIGENE said...

Wow! This is what happens when you act on your inspiration...Well done and I love black & white!

tom barrett said...

Great drawing! Neat to read your thought process. It is true, that most ideas never end on the paper like they started in your head. Sometimes that's good... sometimes not.

Good luck with your journey! Can I add you to my blog list?

enigma said...

i think it's great, it has the story and the suspense. great job!

sdzsmith said...

Thanks everyone!