Saturday, June 6, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Well, the family is away camping this weekend - except for the baby and I, of course. I haven't had this kind of free time - after Lindy goes to bed - in a long time! I can actually consider going beyond the quick(er) pencil drawing for Illustration Friday.

I don't have anything to post on the IF theme yet. But, I'm goin' "color" for a change. That's right, stepping out of the old comfort zone and working with paint. My internal debate has been over whether to do an ink drawing filled in with watercolor (not really a step outside the zone as it still relies on drawing), or work completely in acrylic (my nemesis). Funny thing is, there are different parts of the design that would work well with one rather than other.

But, no. It's time to face my demons and do something different. I'm very detail-oriented in drawing (to state the obvious), and painting is a looser medium. I'm actually quite drawn to painterly works, but have a hard time doing them myself. Just...can't...stop...defining.

But, then again, there is such a thing as a fine bristle brush. It may not be popular in these modern times, but who says I can't do something detailed in paint, by golly. I wasted an earlier art life thinking to hard about what was modern and new stylistically. Think I've learned my lesson - my natural tendencies are how God made me unique. I'll just squeeze out the paint colors and see what happens - I've had better results with that approach.

So, the above post is a resurrected painting in acrylic in anticipation of what's to come (sorry if you remember seeing it before).

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