Thursday, September 3, 2009

Packing up the studio...

Despite my best intentions, drawing just hasn't been do-able. We're now about 2 weeks away from our move and there's still more packing to do. There'll be a yard sale this Saturday - since it's the only free Saturday now that soccer season has started again. Maybe I'll be able to draw while I'm sitting around waiting for people to buy all our stuff.

I haven't started packing up the garage/studio yet, but that's next on my list. I look forward to being able to set up a better space in the new house. It will still be in the garage, but there's a shed out in the backyard, so I won't have to share space with the lawnmower, trash cans, and other muse-killers.

Hopefully, the move will go smoothly and my next post will include at least a new doodle! In the meantime, here's a picture of one of my happy distractions.


kathy hare said...

and what a beautiful distraction she is..

Tom Barrett said...

Good luck with the move, Diane! Hope you new space gives you renewed inspiration! If anything, think of a kids story with anthropomorphic lawn tools! : )