Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Vision, New Perspective...and Mixed Emotions

Day after day I have taken one step after another, moving forward through life toward this demand or that goal.  For so many wonderful, fulfilling years, these goals and demands have been deeply rooted in family and parenthood. 

Our children - ages 4, 11, almost 15, and 18 - continue to grow and are in various stages of independence.  This reality comes with twinges of sadness for what is to come as one by one they pull away from the nest (just today, my oldest informed me of his plans to enlist).  But, I also realize that my art has been patiently waiting to slide into any empty spaces as they open up. I will always be a mom no matter how old they get - they have been, and continue to be, my inspiration and idea-generators.  These years of family experiences have given me a wealth of  insight and motivation.  And, really, it's not over yet.  The 4 year old is already proving to be a fountain of potential stories.  And, I have to think ahead.  An illustration career doesn't develop overnight.

As soon as I made the official declaration - that NOW is the time to establish myself as an illustrator - I see all of my past doodles, drawings, paintings, and projects with a more critical eye.  Are they representative of my best work?  Are they up to the level of a professional illustrator?


If you have visited my blog before, you'll notice that the look has changed.  It didn't pass the test - time for a more thoughtful upgrade.  I was hard-pressed to find a colorful image to put up top, so my over-stuffed house will have to do for now.  But, I'm still working it out - we'll call it a 'work in progress.'

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