Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Illustration #5 - I Sorta Took A Shortcut

Ok, I'basically had 1 day to do this last drawing since we're leaving on a family trip tomorrow and my son's going to turn his project in before we leave. Soooooo, rather than redrawing the original sketchbook drawing, I just went over it in ink with very few adjustments. Therefore, I'm now noticing an issue with the position of his legs and foot - not quite right. But oh well...

Do I still have my pouch of ammunition and gunpowder? Yes, I do!

One thing that I'll take away from this little mini-commission is the importance of time management. I need to expect to do multiple drawings for a single illustration - in some cases, probably lots! But, this was fun - hope I get an "A."

Now, it's off to Disneyland. I plan to take the sketchbook as we'll have to take turns waiting with the baby for some of the rides - I'm guessing she won't make the height requirement for Space Mountain.

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the enigma said...

hi diane, i really like this drawing series, i think you're really good in human anatomy (which i don't..), and the sketchy style is just felt right. well done!