Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Post-Disney Doodles

Just trying to keep the momentum going with the drawing. I really wasn't able to do any drawing at Disneyland like I thought I might. But, I never really had the chance (even waiting with the baby for others to get off of rides). So, I took a bunch of pictures of interesting shapes and architecture to have fun with at a later date.

I did get a couple marks on a page once before being interrupted, so I just came home and doodled with them. Here's the stuff.


Tom Barrett said...

I have learned that I NEVER have time to do any drawing on vacations, so I don't bother taking a sketchbook with me anymore. :P

Interesting drawing you have here, and I think you did a excellent job on the illustrations for your son considering the time you had to do it. And you learned something in the process, so bonus!

方便 said...

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