Monday, March 1, 2010

Short Story Illos #2 & #3

I managed to knock out a couple more illustrations over the last couple days AND still get some dishes done.

#2 was a quick one since it's a distance shot - little detail to worry about. I wish I hadn't used the thicker pen in the background trees, creating that darker line. Should've just stuck with a thin line, atmospheric value. Oh well...

One day on the farm, when Jake and his brother were plowing the fields...

#3 there are aspects of this that I really like, however the proportion thing is still a bit of a struggle. The table is too short and so the soldier looks at bit cramped under it. Also, the boy is a bit too young looking - proportions seem to work BUT they fit a younger age than I intended.

The recruiter was a Colonial Regular and had obviously been in many battles for he had scars on his face and a bandage around his head.

I actually have one more almost completely done - just not photographed. One more to go. I'm getting a little less meticulous as I really only have one or two more days to work on them. Wish I had time to add a watercolor wash!

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