Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And Not-So-Suddenly, It's Done...

I did manage to carve out some time yesterday to work on the Summer drawing.  I guess I was expecting to struggle and for it to take a lot longer.  But then, suddenly I realized that I was done - or at least done-ish.  I always have a period of staring and minor tweaking after I "think" I finish something.  Still, as a whole, it's done.
Maybe not the greatest picture, but you get the idea

I plan to switch it up and hold off on the next two drawings in this series - part of the reason is that I'm not really sure how I want to approach fall.  It would be much easier if these were color, since that's an easy way to portray the season.  But, I'll have to research some trees and see what sort of personality comes through.  Summer was easy - right away, I envisioned the swimmer and the palm.  I have some ideas for winter as well, but overall, both seasons will take a bit more consideration.

Instead, I think from here I'll be moving  into a study painting of the sketch of my daughter on the rocks - one that portrays internal reflection and reminds of the stillness and quiet of prayer.  I ultimately see that as a fairly large painting (not museum large, but large for my space).  So, I'll probably do some little still life paintings as well.

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