Monday, January 7, 2013

From One Season to the Next

Well, yesterday was a celebration of my oldest daughter who turned 14!  And today, it was back to school. We started with about half the subjects - I like to go in light (for my benefit as much as theirs).

Of course, last night - the last possible night of vacation - I actually sat down to work on something more than just sketching and doodling.  Well, I can't say that it was a new project - it was really one that I'd posted about before when it was almost done, and it sort of hung in that state ever since.  So, since diving into a major new project seemed unreasonable on a Sunday evening before the start of school, I just worked on fine-tuning the old so that I could call it "done."

#1 in the series - Spring

You may remember the "Mother Nature" doodle I did years ago, and this endeavor was simply finishing a re-do of that.  It is the first of a series of 4 woman/tree drawings that will represent each of the 4 seasons.  This first one is spring and I'm really excited about my idea for summer. I did do a little planning in the sketchbook on that one, but I won't reveal anything...yet.

Planning for the next one...Summer

Of course, for better or for worse, drawing and painting (or any other creative process) is energizing to me.  So, working into the night last night has its consequences - it was impossible for me to "wind down" and fall asleep for quite some time.  Not good when I had to get the girls up to do lessons this morning.  Still, I'm glad to be moving on from a lot of planning and idea exploration into actually producing something - it's invigorating.  But, I'm anticipating many more sleepless nights coming up.

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