Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to the Grapes

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves.  I tried working on the mural this afternoon, but it was a bit hot up on the step ladder - heat rises and it is definitely warmer working on the upper part of the mural.  So, I waited until it was evening to continue.  The downside of that is dealing with the glare of the lights in certain spots while painting.  Oh well...

Anyway, I started detailing the grape leaves.  Part of me was dreading it (just a little) - there are so many.  I still have many more to go, but I'd say I'm about two-thirds done.

This is how it looked before - leaves just loosely "sketched" in
As many as there are to do, it is nice to see them being defined more.

With more detail built up

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