Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can You Spot the Differences?

I'm getting to the point in this panel where changes are smaller, so they may not be so obvious - little things here and there.

The most obvious addition was to start mapping out the wine bottle on the table.  I plan to add something else on the table, but I haven't decided what exactly that's going to be (decisions, decisions).  Also, you might notice that I've finally filled in the red dress, bringing that closer to completion. 

Less obvious is the repaint touch-up of the purple grapes that was needed after previous adjusting of the figures.  Also, I detailed the male figure's hand that's resting on the table - it had no definition and just blended in with the tabletop.

Last, but not least, I mixed up a darker dark for the grape leaves to add some deeper shadows and more contrast.  Happier with the look of it now, but I may add another dark before the job is done.

One revelation that I had tonight was how much focused thought goes into painting (for me anyway).  I know this because it seems that whenever I go out to paint, I am followed by a couple of kids - one that feels the need to be talking about everything that passes through her head (and this from the one we wondered if she would every talk)!  I love having my kids by my side, but it's very hard to think about what I'm doing AND respond to her.  I don't think I ever realized just how focused I am when working.  I am now thinking that when my art class students are busy working, I should probably just shut up because they're probably not listening to anything I'm saying.

My other painting partner likes to buzz around on her own.  But, tonight she thought it would be fun to "help" with the mural.  She has her own paint brush, used to Disney Dumbo book as a "palette," climbed up on the step ladder, and got to work.

Future muralists of America - UNITE!

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