Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's (mostly) Official...

Well, there it is  -

The signature means I'm done.  Really, I could probably tweak something here and there forever, but I realize that must stop somewhere.  Maybe I'll be caught making an adjustment in the middle of the night under cover of darkness, but for now I'm content with the end product.

I did add a lupin-type flower to the tabletop for added color and visual interest.

I also added some of a dull reddish color to the hillsides - I color I remember seeing when I was in the "observation" stages of the mural.  I wanted to add another layer of color to the first 2 panels without going overboard - the rest of the mural is vibrant and busy enough and the first panels are intended to contrast that energy with the more bucolic setting of the fields.

A ruddy red on parts of some of the upper hillsides

Now, I will begin the layers of exterior varnish and Voila!  It's off to the city it goes...

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