Friday, July 4, 2008

How about a Studio Tour...

I'm always impressed by some people's studio photos that I've seen posted - gorgeous rooms with beautiful paint jobs, and nice (sometimes coordinated) furniture and organizing systems. They're picture perfect.

My space, however, is in a corner of the garage since there's no extra space in the house for one. So, it's the only place I can get away from the distractions of family and television. It's nothing fancy (to say the least). And, obviously, I didn't bother to tidy up what I took time out to snap this shot.

As you can see, the garage is wallpapered with my husband's prized punk band flyer collection from back in the day. If you were to pan left, you'd see the parking place for the lawnmower and the recycling bins. To the right, I have a small table with my glass cutting supplies (I went through a period of doing stained glass - would still like to, but there's no time).
Also to the right is a nice north-facing window which gives me some wonderful light.

So, it's a studio shared with the washer and dryer, assorted bikes and sports equipment, my husbands bass guitar and amp, boxes of holiday decorations, etc. etc. It would probably be nice to have a "swan" studio rather than an "ugly duckling." More shelves, drawers, or flat files would certainly be nice. Heating in the winter would be a plus (I have a space heater), but at least I live in a mild climate. This works. When I've got the music on and I'm involved in a project, I really don't notice what's around me.

By the way, despite how it is in the picture, I am well aware of the dangers of setting my coffee mug next to my paint brush water cup.

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