Saturday, July 12, 2008

Long Time - No See

Hi Folks! I'm back from the CHEA convention. I thought I'd be able to post something before I left, but I just ran out of time.
Overall, it was a GREAT time - 4 of us made the drive down to Long Beach. I lived there for about 7 years during college and it's changed A LOT! I moved away from there sometime around 1993. However, while I was down there I stopped at Lyon Supply Company where I used to shop during those years and the owner remembered me! WOW!

My friend Kerie and I only attended the leadership day of the convention and it was so nice to see several of the people that I'd known from homeschooling in Torrance. We saw some wonderful speakers including Mike Farris (note the link in the sidebar - please sign the petition).

The 2nd day, however, we went to the Long Beach Museum of Art. It's a beautiful museum - an older craftsman style building overlooking the Pacific, but with a modern art collection. However, I can safely say that we were not impressed the new work of art looming in front of it, visible over the wall.

I know art can be many things to many people, it comes in many forms, it doesn't always have to be beautiful, yadda, yadda, yadda. But there were many things on display that left us scratching our heads, wondering how some of this stuff makes it into museums while others don't! Well, some are on loan from private collections in some cases. In other cases, I think if you can market yourself, convince others that there's some intellectually "deep" about your work, then...
I'm sure there was no shortage of artists doing any variety of work who would love to have something placed in the gardens of this museum. To each, his own.
On a more positive note, I enjoyed a lot of the Gord Peteran work exhibited, however.

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