Sunday, July 13, 2008

Next in the Series...

As I mentioned before, I'm taking an illustration "class" at the local city college. There's not really instruction - it's more about pursuing our own projects and bouncing ideas off of each other.

The paintings I shared recently were studies done for my project. Part of my goal is to practice working with acrylics while creating a sort of memoir. The idea sprung from the fact that my oldest just turned 13, which made me think of when I was that age...and the series of decisions (good and poor) that followed. Through the illustration of single words, the series will reflect where I was around that age, the various stages and struggles that I passed through the following years, and will end at the point I am fast approaching - when my own child will have to step out and face those same struggles and decisions. You hope they won't make the same mistakes!

One neat thing is that I went through some old drawings from my late teens (early college days) and found a couple that would be great for some of the words I chose to illustrate (shown above). I like that I can take something from the actual time period I want to represent. The picture shown here was done over 20 years ago (obviously before I started working with a much wider tonal range). I will pull from it and tweak it a bit to illustrate the next word/stage - "Lure."

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