Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eine Kleine Nacht-Chicken

I started work on the "final" of the chicken drawing - I know it seems like I've been talking about it forever, however when you only have an hour or less at a time to work on a project...

It didn't help that we went miniature golfing today (but that was fun).

I've set aside all of the colors that I'll be using from my magic pencil box for this night scene with chicken. Anyway, I think this will be the final. For all I know, it will end up being a very detailed study and I'll want to do it over with slight changes. Oh, I hope not. It's funny, but even with all of the planning and color tests, there are still surprises.

Once again, the paper I'm using is different. My sketchbook paper is very slick and white - the paper I'm using is slightly textured and not as white. I do prefer a little "tooth" to the paper, though (note to self: get sketchbook with different paper).

Also, it's surprising how much second-guessing can go on. Should I have made this bigger? Should I move that over? etc. Maybe that's just normal. I wonder if other illustrators question themselves so much.

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