Thursday, May 8, 2008

Illo Challenge - So, why DID the chicken cross the road? Anyone Care to Answer?

I'm planning on doing some single illustrations based on some of the novels my kids and I have read together this year. Also, I'd like to plan out and storyboard an entire picture book based on a folk tale or classic story. However, I haven't yet decided what sources to work from - nothing is really speaking to me at the moment. Although, we're currently reading "A Wrinkle in Time," so I'll probably do a scene from that book.

At the moment, besides the color wheel painting - which I can only work on at certain times - I really don't have a project in the works. So, last night I resorted to the random doodle as a starting point. It wasn't long before the subject of this drawing began to emerge: a chicken.

We currently have a book that I ordered into the store called "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road." It is a rather amusing collection of potential answers to this question illustrated by 14 different children's book artists (Jon Agee, David Catrow, David Shannon, Jerry Pinkney, and more).

In the past, I've worked very slowly on these doodles, letting the entire drawing unfold in it's own time. However, I was hit with an inspiration that interrupted the doodle and gave me a definite direction to pursue - I would illustrate my own answer to the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" question.

If anyone else out there would like to answer this question in a drawing or painting, I'd love to see it when you're done. I'll be working on mine here, but it will probably take me a while to finish - my time is still extremely limited until the school year ends. In the meantime, you can take a peek at the doodle above that jumpstarted the idea (I don't want to give the entire picture away).

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