Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Waiting for pizza...

Look what I found! A few spare minutes!!!

Sometimes when I have a lot on my plate, the Lord "blesses" me with sleeplessness. So, I've actually been up quite early yesterday and today with a little bit of time to spend with the sketchbook. Right now, I'm waiting to order the 29 pizzas for our party this afternoon - can't order until 10:00 a.m. - so I thought I'd blog really quick.

Anyway, I'm working through many of the details of my chicken drawing, particularly colors. Every drawing I do seems to bring technical issues that I have to sort through and learn about. In this case, the scene turned into a night scene and there's issues of lights - such as a neon sign - that I'm having to deal with.

I think it's wonderful, though. Every little thing that comes up like this is just a little more added to my visual vocabulary. Hopefully, it will make my future work flow more smoothly. However, I couldn't imagine that there is a point where you're not discovering something new as you go.

No visuals to share on the chicken. But, I'm including a page from the sketchbook. You'll notice the doll in the upper right might look familiar - I've posted the acrylic study of that drawing before. You can also see the painting in the photo slideshow of my work at the top of this blog.

Beside the sketch, you can see the study of my daughter's doll that I did in order to figure out the positioning and how the dress would fall. Everything else on the page is just more "kiddy stuff" doodles. Who knows - maybe the bear will end up in a children's book. The little shoe-car down at the bottom is an actual wooden car my husband had made with his dad when he was a Boy Scout.

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Raluca C said...

I love this one,exacly as it is,without colour or other details!Is so sweet and full of life!