Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How 'bout Some Color?

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One thing I’ve come to realize is that I am much more confident in my drawing skills than I am in my painting skills. After all, I can draw anywhere with any kind of pencil or pen, so I’ve had a lot more practice. Painting isn’t quite as “portable.”

In college, I had worked exclusively in oils. But now, for practical purposes, I’m experimenting with acrylics. While it’s speedy drying time has it’s benefits, it can also be quite frustrating. I’m used to being able to go back into an area and still be able to blend colors. I suppose I could work with and extender – or I could just learn to deal with it..

Probably most annoying to me is the fact that acrylic paint colors are a little different when dry than when wet. I think I’ve built up just the right amount of contrast, and then it dries and doesn’t quite have the same “punch.” But, I guess I’ll get used to that, too.

I’ve included a recent attempt at exploring acrylics. My affection toward drawing in detail is, I think, getting in the way of the looser, painterly effect that I’d like to have. Oh well…bottom line is that I need to log more hours working with this medium. Maybe over Easter Vacation.

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