Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, Here's the Plan...

I wasn't exactly sure what the purpose of this blog would be when I set it up a few days ago. All I knew was that it would be related to my art in some way. However, that purpose became clear to me earlier today. This will be a journal of my experiences as I attempt build a career in illustration. Since this has been a fairly recent decision in my life, this blog will be a chronicle of my efforts from the very beginning to some sort of end.

There are only two possible outcomes to this adventure:

1) Yeah! - a successful career! And, look what it took to get here!
2) Woe is me - can't seem to make it in this field. But, I tried my best.

Time will tell which outcome it will be, and we'll see how it all unfolds.

At the moment, finding time to draw and paint is the biggest challenge I face. My primary focus right now is family and homeschooling my children - that will keep me busy for several years to come. The bulk of my work has to take place on weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. Then, once the kids are older and more independent in their studies, I will have a portfolio ready to shop around (that's the plan, anyway).

So, now I feel like Dorothy in Munchkinland, taking my first steps on the yellow brick road. Either I'll make it to the Emerald City or the witch will get me. We'll see...

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