Sunday, March 30, 2008

Work to Be Done

Well, Easter Vacation is officially over. Tomorrow it's back to homeschooling and I'll have to return to just nibbling at the illustration work. That's OK, though. I attended a homeschooling conference over the weekend and it really inspired me to try to do some neat stuff with the kids before summer hits.

I'm happy with the time I've spent on illustration this past week. I was able to work on two projects that I'd been wanting to revisit - the ant and the drawing from the previous post. Both of those took some time. I even worked on a painting last night. As I mentioned before, that is an area in which much work is needed! Besides getting better with acrylics, I also need to study color.

Back in college, I loved expressionist color palettes - bright and bold. There were some really great German Expressionism shows at LA County Museum of Art back then, and I was really inspired by paintings like the one shown here by Kirchner. Now, however, I want to better understand and work with more natural color when it comes to light and shadows. I realized while painting last night that I have some study to do in that area.

So, my "To Do" list is growing...
1) color "recipe" study
2) bone and muscle study
3) continue experimenting with more materials
4) keep on doodling

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