Friday, March 21, 2008

A Little Monkey Business...

I was able to squeeze out a whole hour in the studio yesterday with all that was going on. I did my little drawing "warm-up" game - this time the theme was monkey and the material was oil pastel.

To be honest, I really haven't worked with oil pastel except with kids - the usual watercolor resist activity. I probably started working on too small a scale in my sketchbook. Oil pastel doesn't involve any fine tips, so it would be a good thing for me to work with in fostering a greater "looseness" that I would like to explore a little more.

Since I was just working out of my head, I think my monkey came out looking a bit like Curious George. So, while I was on my break at work, I found an image of a real monkey (a Capuchin) to practice.

So, now it's another day that can work in the studio before I have to go to work at the bookstore. However, I woke up feeling a little ill - sore throat, drained of all energy, etc. I hate to miss out on this chance to draw (now that I finally have it). But, I also feel the need to sleep. Perhaps I can squeeze in a little of both.

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