Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action...

Easter Vacation is here(ish). Well, I think the schools take off after a half-day tomorrow and then the whole next week. We've finished math, spelling, and science units - no need to start new ones at this point. The kids are doing some work on their projects for the Science and History Fair coming in April - painting models, building dioramas, planting seeds - fun stuff. There's little help they need from me at this point.

Sooooooooooo, that means TIME OFF FOR MAMA! Now, I can spend some chunks of my days actually working on some illustration stuff - in between cups of juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. (and you know 3 kids can't ever ask for it at the same time - they have to wait until I get settled and then ask separately).

And, since I keep mentioning my 3 kids in this post, I guess I'll share a page from my sketchbook done last fall sometime (they're not my kids obviously - just another doodle).


While I've been blogging up a storm, I've really only included works that are sort of recent (and a couple from a long time ago). I've had little time to work on anything new. Hopefully, I will have something new to share very soon.

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Rima said...

Hello Diane and thanks for visiting my blog :)
Pleased to meet you and your great blog. I love these house headed people :)
All the best to you from Scotland :)