Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Unexpected Lesson in Paper...

My streak of posting everyday was finally broken. We went with friends on a hike and picnic yesterday to a nearby waterfall. Afterwards, I had to go to work, so I just hit the bed once I got home.

I did manage to spend a couple hours in the studio today. I'm working on a pencil drawing based on a previous doodle in my sketchbook. It's pretty detailed and involved, so it's taking a little while. Hopefully, I'll have it finished tomorrow and can share it then.

My biggest surprise with the drawing so far has to do with the paper I'm working on. I've gotten used to working in my sketchbook which is very smooth - absolutely no "tooth" whatsoever - which works well for the shading that I do. The paper I'm working on for this project has a medium texture. It was a really big shock at first. I was shading a pretty large area with some of my darkest pencils and the texture was really pronounced - more contrast between the surfaces getting the pencil and the more recessed surfaces. The texture is barely noticeable with the lighter values.

Actually, it's growing on me. The characters are wearing heavy, dark-colored clothing, and the texture really gives that weighty appearance. I'd love to say I planned this, but no. I'm learning from it, though. I've paid little attention to papers in the past. Now, it's something I will consider more depending on what it is I'm working on.
Since my new current project isn't ready to share, I'm dusting off an owl "doodle" from my sketchbook. It's a good example of how I like to work with pencil - full value range combined with line work. It's also an example done on the extra smooth paper surface.

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