Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let Sleeping Laundry Lie...

I usually always keep a sketchbook with me in case I encounter a drawing moment or sudden inspiration. However, at home yesterday, I still didn't have one close enough.

It happened while I was trying to rest for a half hour before I had to go to work. I'd brought in some laundry from the dryer, tossed it on the bed, and flopped down next to it. But, as I began to relax, I found myself face to "face" with one of my crumpled shirts. Now, I've always been pretty good at picking out images in clouds or other random shapes. But in this case, the shapes, folds, and shadows of the shirt formed a clear and distinct image - a pleasantly slumbering face.

My first thought was that I should record it in my sketchbook. However, it was still out in the garage on my drawing table. I was sooooo looking forward just a few minutes of relaxation, but everytime I opened my eyes, I saw the face. Finally, I got up and went for the sketchbook to record the image. I drew it exactly as I saw it - can you see it, too?
Bottom line is that I really need to keep a sketchbook within arms reach. As for the laundry, I had to go to work and leave it where it was for the time being. Afterall, the shirt looked so content - why wake him? At least one of us got to sleep.

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