Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thanks For the "Gesture"

I guess did get a little drawing in this last week. Work was really slow last Thursday, so the boss called and told me not to come in (I really needed a break anyway). So, I was able to attend my daughter's last soccer practice of the season and, of course, took the opportunity to draw.

I used to hate doing quick gesture drawings like this when I was a student. I guess I found it rather frustrating - my desire for detail and a finished product that looked "good" overshadowed things. Even these probably have more detail than a true gestural drawing should have.

I had a figure drawing instructor that took us to a fencing club in Culver City over several days for the purpose of capturing quick action. It was tedious at first, but it did get easier. Of course, I did absolutely NO gesture drawing for years. But, now I really appreciate the exercises. It's so easy to take a moment and scribble a few figures who might be around and add to the sketchbook "reference library."

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