Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Importance of Studies

Way back in my student days, with a full load of classes, there never seemed to be the time to do studies before a final work. And, it was never really discussed by any of my professors - well I had one painting professor that assigned a series of color studies using a limited color palette. But at most, I might squeeze out a few quick sketches.
Even as I've worked on some things for the current portfolio, I haven't really engaged in doing detailed studies...until now. Some of the drawings I'd done earlier and really liked still had glaring flaws that could be the difference between getting an illustration job and not getting it. I realized that those drawings couldn't be considered as more than studies, and a couple of them have been redone. Looking at so many examples of great work through various blogs has motivated me greatly.

Now, I'm finding that as I work through my "chicken" ideas, I am really spending time working out many of the details before I begin. I'd hate to spend hours on it only to have a part "not work" (I'm not digital - don't have any delete or undo options). So, I'd much rather spend the time working out some of the unknowns before I dive in. That's not to say that I don't leave some things to unfold during drawing, but I'd like to have a firm understanding at the get-go where I want things, what colors would be right, how to get certain effects, etc.

Anyway, the picture I'm sharing today is of a tree in our backyard that has been semi-removed . My girls had set part of a bird-bath on top. I think we're going to cut it shorter, get a larger and more sturdy bird bath bowl, and plant flowers at its base...just waiting for that free time.

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