Sunday, June 29, 2008

Artist's best friend...

Today I'm sharing some shots of "The Boosh" - dog of a million nicknames (and she responds to none of them). Her real name is Basha my faithful companion when drawing (or doing just about anything). I recently discovered that new friend and talented illustrator Kathleen Rietz also has a Corgi-mix. By request I'm showing some pictures of this great little dog that we acquired off of Craigslist a couple years ago. Also, check out the funny shot of her I added to the sidebar.

You'll also see my youngest daughter's new, blue cast that we've written on with silver paint pen. I'm tempted to paint something on it, but I'm not sure she'd sit still long enough. Well, she's got it for the next 4 weeks.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Corgi's, they're sturdy mid-size dogs who were shortchanged in the leg department. The vet thinks Basha is Corgi and maybe German Shepherd - no one really knows for sure.

Anyway, on the artistic front, I've started an IF illo that I will share in a day or two. That is, if I can move tomorrow. I played 2 hours of arena soccer with the kids today - muscles are starting to freeze up now.


Kate said...

Hi Diane! Hmmmm....she is a cutie! Her ears almost seem to indicate Beagle or Lab. Funny, people always try to guess what Sunshine is, too, and she aso has a ton of nicknames, all of which she DOES actually respond to! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Kate said...

Oh, and your daughter is adorable! I would SO want to paint all over that cast, too! : )

In This Style said...

Woah! Hi, Diane! My name is Melissa and I am Basha's previous owner. Remember me? I gave her to you and your family a few years ago. I happened upon your blog when I googled "basha corgi" because I am still getting emails from people wanting to adopt her after all these years. I didn't expect to find this! My, my. Bash, or the Boosh as you call her, has gotten tubby. Ha ha.

She looks very happy. I'm glad she went to such a loving home. And your illustrations are beautiful. I write children's books and would love to have your talent to go along with mine. What a success I'd be!

Take care of her! Good luck with your art. If you ever feel like illustrating a children's book let me know! : ]