Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's new...

I've started up with the local free community college illustration course on saturday mornings. There's really not a whole lot of instruction - it's more of an "independent project/discussion" situation. We come up with our own projects that we want to work on and not everyone who signs up has an art background.

It only meets for 6 Saturdays over summer, and it's an opportunity for feedback and a social outlet. I've been watching the SCBWI calendar for my region and there's been squat for illustrators - everything is for writers. Seems I'll have to consider driving to Los Angeles.

Anyway, I've been spending time between doctor visits (my daughter got a lovely blue cast this morning) working out my idea for that class. So, again, not much has happened in the studio. The project will be a series of about 12 illustrations - not really child oriented, but more personal. It will be a different direction from what I've been doing, so I can't wait to see what comes out. It certainly won't be finished in 6 classes (but that's the nice thing about taking this "class" - no grades, no deadlines - just participate).

I think I will be using ink again. I like the ink and colored pencil combination. So, in honor of that - and since I don't have anything else to share - here's an ink sketch of a tree stump in our backyard. Then again, since the concept is quite different, perhaps I'll use something like charcoal and pastel (gasp!).


Eric Orchard said...

Discussion groups are great, wish I could find one in the real world. Beautiful picture! This is ink?

sdzsmith said...

Hey Eric -

Yes - this is just a Micron pen. We're in the process of taking the tree out since, as you can see, it has insane roots that do damage. My girls had set a bird-bath bowl on top of it.

Thanks for visiting! Robot stuff looks great!