Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Call it a truce...

Since I didn't have any pressing projects in the studio at the moment, I did the old random drawing game that I do to warm-up once in a while. The subject I pulled out of the bowl was: cat. The media: (Yep! You guessed it) chalk pastel.

I don't know what it is - I don't do this very often, yet chalk pastel has been the randomly selected media most of the time. And, as you may already know, chalk pastel and I don't really "click."

Luckily, this encounter with chalk pastel was much more pleasant than the previous ones. Where those drawings will remaine forever buried on the drawing pad, I actually kind of like this one . I don't know what it is with blue, though (if you recall the sickly blue pig of a couple months back - shudder). I guess I'm drawn more to greens, blues, and purples more than I am to the pinks, oranges, and yellows.

I think the many hours spent with the colored pencil on the last project actually helped with this one - I think I learned a lot about color and being able to actually achieve some of the colors I'm after. I'm thrilled to have a better understanding in that area that I'm sure will carry over into other aspects of my work.

Who knows! Maybe now I'll feel a bit less threatened by chalk pastels. I'd love to try working on colored paper sometime soon.


Raluca C said...

oh,this blue cutie is chalk pastel...i was sure is colored pencil!!Wonderful made,her attitude is sooo relaxed!You know what is funny,I also made a blue cat(but mine is a fat one)and considered that this ''blue cat'' idea is a really good concept!!Lovelly illo!

~Banjo said...

I love this blue cat! I keep coming back to look at this pic- & I so want to try drawing cats in blue! He's as cool as a cucumber, stylin', groovy... where did u get yr inspiration for this?!

sdzsmith said...

Hey Banjo -

Thanks for the encouragement. I was rather pleased - especially since things don't usually go well between me and pastel.

The inspiration came from a random drawing game that I do when I can't think of what to do. I have a bowl full of topics like building, furniture, farm animal, etc. I close my eyes and pull one out - this time it was "cat." I do the same with different materials and drew out "chalk pastel." Then I just started doodling a cat and watched it unfold.

Kinda silly, but it keeps me from spending too much time staring at a blank page, wondering what to do.