Saturday, June 28, 2008

A change of pace...

I spent some time playing with the acrylics in the studio today. Like chalk pastel – it’s a love/hate relationship. This is just a little experimental work to try and figure out the medium. Being a detail person, I also wanted to try something a little looser and painterly. I’d welcome some constructive criticism. I don't consider it a "finished" piece - just exploratory.

Some of my problem with acrylics has to do with the fact that I’ve done very little painting since college (when I used oils). Acrylic is a different ballgame. I don’t like the consistency of the paint – compared to oils. I like the Liquitex heavy body paints a little better than the Grumbacher ones I have (which are more runny and thin).

I’m coming to terms with the quick drying time – like it on the painting itself, but hate it on the palette. I’ll have to invest in one of those stay-wet palette things and see how that goes (I hate buying things that require refill purchases all the time).


Kate said...

Hay, Diane, this is really gorgeous! I love it!

One simple thing I have done to keep acrylics wet on my palette longer is to place a folder, wet paper towl on the paletter (ot butcher tray, in my case), and then dollop your acrylics on there. Keeps them wet from the bottom surface of the dollop as you take paint from the top of the dollop.

sdzsmith said...

Hi -

Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.

Edrian Thomidis said...

I think is great that you are challenging yourself and trying to do things outside of your comfort zone. I share some of your challenges... not with acrylics on canvas which is my preferred medium, but with gouache and acrylics on illustration board. The board just changes everything for me.

Something I've tried to keep my paints wet is a light mister. Just spray them every so often and it keeps them wet.