Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My present...

My birthday present to myself this year was a book I've been wanting to get for a little while. I'm sure that many of you in the illustration world have already seen it, but I was happy to finally be able to pick up a copy. It's "Play Pen" by Martin Salisbury.

I really enjoyed his earlier book on the craft and business of illustration. This one profiles the work of several contemporary illustrators. Most of the artists are from various countries in Europe with a few from Asian countries, the Americas, Australia, and Iran.

I haven't read all the profiles yet, but I've flipped through all of the illustrations (I'm a visual person after all). I'm particularly interested in the fact that much of the work shown is influenced by the different places and cultural histories that the artist was raised in and, therefore, are different from what I'm used to.
That said, while browsing it did appear that many of the artists shown had styles and/or color palettes that were quite similar to each other. You'd think in a world full of creative people, a little more variety might be represented. A couple even had me scratching my head, wondering how they made the cut. Perhaps I will better understand their selection once I've read about them.
But, of course, art is subjective. And, if I ever write a book like this, then I'm sure my choices would show my own personal bias. Still, I'm delighted - and inspired - by the majority of the work shown in this book.

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